Grand Lake Buffalo Stampede 5K
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19 Jul 2014
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1914Andrew Wise00:17:36Overall1Male1 CO min/m
2996Nathan Hauge00:17:44Ages 20-291Male2   min/m
3997Shane Mccellum00:17:45Ages 20-292Male3 CO min/m
4998Aaron Clemens00:19:22Ages 20-293Male4 CO min/m
5674Jonathan Pritchard00:19:39Ages 40-491Male5Grand LakeCO min/m
6986Jimmy FETTER00:21:46Ages 40-492Male6 CO min/m
7983Lisa WILD00:22:01Overall1Female1 CO min/m
8908Santiago David00:22:22Ages 13-191Male7 CO min/m
9976Kendall Monley00:22:28Ages 30-391Male8 CO min/m
10686Diana SEER00:22:37Ages 20-291Female2   min/m
11671Garrett MILBERT00:22:50Ages 30-392Male9Grand LakeCO min/m
12699Maria WIK00:22:51Ages 30-391Female3LafayetteCO min/m
13930John LAAKE00:23:17Ages 50-591Male10 CO min/m
14921Ali ODONNELL00:23:48Ages 13-191Female4 CO min/m
15700Unknown Bib 70000:23:53Overall1Mixed1   min/m
16924Sam Radley00:24:01Ages 20-294Male11 CO min/m
17644Patrick BROWER00:24:04Ages 50-592Male12GranbyCO min/m
18676Kara RAWLINGS00:24:15Ages 20-292Female5Grants PassOR min/m
19902Joe Ontiveros00:24:30Ages 50-593Male13   min/m
20913Henry Means00:24:5012 & Under1Male14 CO min/m
21655Alice HUGHES00:25:10Ages 40-491Female6DenverCO min/m
22922Lynn ODONNELL00:25:23Ages 50-591Female7 CO min/m
23664Patrick MADDEN00:25:30Ages 40-493Male15BoulderCO min/m
24969Jason DYKHOUSE00:25:36Ages 30-393Male16 CO min/m
25946Marget Kineberg00:26:15Ages 40-492Female8   min/m
26942Jay Davis00:26:31Ages 20-295Male17   min/m
27995Elias Wygodny00:26:33Ages 20-296Male18 CO min/m
28985Camm YANA00:26:4112 & Under1Female9 CO min/m
29947Rchey Rineberg00:26:43Ages 40-494Male19   min/m
30938Chris HENDLEY00:26:46Ages 50-594Male20 CO min/m
31991Nick THOMAS00:26:58Ages 30-394Male21 CO min/m
32923Harli Cooper00:27:00Ages 20-293Female10 CO min/m
33656David HUGHES00:27:13Ages 40-495Male22DenverCO min/m
34944Oliver Schneller00:27:2812 & Under2Male23   min/m
35940Dave SMITH00:27:33Ages 60-691Male24 CO min/m
36642Kate BROOKS00:27:33Ages 30-392Female11SuperiorCO min/m
37987Julia Fetter00:27:39Ages 40-493Female12 CO min/m
38645Sylvia BROWER00:27:4612 & Under2Female13GranbyCO min/m
39663Hayley LAWSON00:27:49Ages 13-192Female14Grand LakeCO min/m
40994Jamie Anderson00:27:50Ages 20-294Female15 CO min/m
41966Matt WEISMAN00:27:54Ages 30-395Male25 CO min/m
42988Mary GEIGER00:28:08Ages 20-295Female16 CO min/m
43692Brian THARP00:28:19Ages 30-396Male26DallasTX min/m
44650Ian COPPELL00:28:31Ages 40-496Male27DenverCO min/m
45682Vicki ROGERS00:28:31Ages 30-393Female17DenverCO min/m
46941Peter Reboves00:28:59Ages 30-397Male28   min/m
47967Ali WEISMA00:29:11Ages 20-296Female18 CO min/m
48910Jay Garbarino00:30:11Ages 50-595Male29 CO min/m
49920Bret Popper00:30:39Ages 40-497Male30 CO min/m
50905George Ibarra00:30:42Ages 40-498Male31   min/m
Page 1 of 4 (163 items)

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